Instagram Photos Added

My latest photos shared via Instagram. I’m not sure if it’s really caught on yet, but it’s a way to share photos and see some cool stuff snapped by other people on their phones. It’s great for painting ideas and inspiration. So much creativity! Coming to Android soon.

thoughts after a meeting at 9th avenue

there is only one tree of life we are climbing and struggling towards the top towards the fresh air and the warm sun away from the larval soil and the predate scrub to the fruit, sweet, color, sky birdsong, dapple, breeze. there are six billion of us

Carbon Buster Blues: The Refrigerator Is Half-empty

Alas, no refrigerator today. Since purchasing my Whirlpool dream machine on June 27th, this is the third delivery date on which Lowes has left me afloat in the ever-warming Brooklyn atmosphere. Rising, rising, rising – just like my electric bills each month. This is a very popular refrigerator and it seems that Whirlpool can’t keep […]

Carbon Busters Journal Entry, June 26th, 2007

Dear Concerned Environmentalists Everywhere: So today I bought a 10 cubic ft refrigerator at Lowes for $398 less 20% equals about $320. It’s a Whirlpool with a stainless steel “look” and it’s pretty small. I was hoping to get one as small as my friend Susan’s, but I think this is the same size as […]

Guess What, Carbon Buster? My Con-Ed Bill Was $90 Last Month

I live in a 375sf apartment, and haven’t installed the A/C yet this year. My electric bills average over $100 per month. This is a problem. So I was looking inside my refrigerator last night to find a model number so I could figure out the year (and my estimated savings upon replacement,) and I […]