Carbon Buster Blues: The Refrigerator Is Half-empty

Waiting for Lowes Delivery Man

Alas, no refrigerator today.

Since purchasing my Whirlpool dream machine on June 27th, this is the third delivery date on which Lowes has left me afloat in the ever-warming Brooklyn atmosphere. Rising, rising, rising – just like my electric bills each month. This is a very popular refrigerator and it seems that Whirlpool can’t keep up with the demand. It gets particularly hot near the Gowanus Canal, BTW. That is, both the atmosphere and the demand for refrigerators. (Lowes is right next to the 9th St. bridge.)

On the refrigerator half-full side, they offered me a free $150 upgrade. (I can’t wait to tell my sister Cathy!) So when I get back from Florida, I’ll see where we stand in relation to the factories and distribution centers, and go from there. All I want is a small, energy-efficient refrigerator with a faux stainless steel exterior. Is that so much to ask?

Hey — $150 – that’s probably about the price of a ticket to Ann Arbor, MI. Hmm.

Meanwhile, I’m enjoying all of my plants. A very handsome black man clearly expressed a severe case of zinnia envy yesterday when I was walking home with my latest terra cotta-potted fire escape pretty.

In case anyone needs one, I have some extra CF bulbs; I won’t be needing any light bulbs for the next five to seven years.

Anyway, the fight continues! I will have an Energy-Star refrigerator, a smaller carbon footprint and lower electric bills by August. Or else…


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