My Pal Buku

The Visit by Buku Sarkar My tennis buddy Buku has recently published a lovely long short story The Visit in the literary magazine n+1 . Her stories are even more beautiful than her tennis game. n+1 is a print magazine of politics, literature, and culture published three times yearly. Issues are available by subscription. The website is updated with […]

Carbon Buster Stirs in Sleep

After all these years, are you tired of reading article after article announcing the “revolution” in photovoltaics and the imminence of the long-heraled low-cost renewable era of green energy? Well, here’s another one. This, from the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: Photovoltaics Cells from Any Semiconductor More Background on PV’s Short animated youtube video on how […]

Wisconsin Art Show: New York Friends

Friends of New York Show Postcard

Today is opening day for my group art show with Tara Key and Sue Garner in Fond du Lac,Wisconsin. Here are some additional paintings from the show. Runs through June 30th! Check out the amazing paintings from the show by Sue Garner here, and more stunning photographs from Tara Key of Antietam the band, here. […]

Carol Dweck and the Growth Mindset

In the past five years no book or thinker has had a greater impact on my life than Mindset by psychologist Carol Dweck. The approach to learning and growth she describes in her book and videos has affected me not only in my pursuits of hobbies and interests, but professionally, as an educator as well. […]