Award-winning film “Los Lecheros” explores ramifications of Trump immigration policies on Wisconsin Dairy

Who milks America's cows?

Nationwide, 51% of dairy workers are immigrants. Congrats to Jim Cricchi and Susan Peters for the much-warranted success of their recent short film “Los Lecheros.” You can now watch the twenty-one minute film online, thanks to the Atlantic, as part of “The Atlantic Selects.”   The film is currently (August 2018) screening as part of […]

Superb Production of Antigone Presented by the Poseidon Theatre Company

Two brothers kill each other. Authorities — afraid of losing power, influenced by familial disagreements — determine that one brother is worth mourning and the other is not. Everyone tries to do the right thing and society is ripped apart, a family destroyed. The recent Poseidon Theatre Company presentation of Antigone (my pal Aaron Salazar […]

An Interesting Blog from Poet and Artist Mary Wehner

My dear and talented friend Mary Wehner continues to create beautiful art in so many ways. I came across her blog the other night, simple and intelligent. This post consists solely of two lovely photos of altered churches: And in this blog post from last year at this time Mary collected a few poems […]

Apples, Academia, and Lessons for Big Business: Part 1

Deutsche Pomologie

In 1892 you could purchase over 700 apple cultivars from commercial nurseries in the United States. By the nineteen-sixties you could most likely find only three varieties in your grocery store: McIntosh, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious. Many popular and prize-winning pome varieties are now lost forever, including hundreds of well-documented varieties. While I tend […]

This Charming Charlie

Bravo to Lauren LoPrete, creator of this mashup tumblr combining the images and art of Charles Schulz’ Peanuts series with the lyrics of Morrissey, Johnny Marr, and The Smiths. I find This Charming Charlie incredibly powerful, perhaps because they combine the art with which I most strongly identified in the first and second decades (roughly) […]